Protagonist of Italian contemporary art , versatile artist , painter , sculptor , designer , artwork restorer , collector and art consultant . 



Reported below are some of the many works of art conceived and executed by Ettore Mangia:


● base in white taxo marble (H 348 cm x L 880 cm x W 880 cm), designed to support a bronze portrait bust;

● urban furniture project for an entire square, in which to locate the aforementioned bust on the aforementioned base;

● wooden kiosk (H 340 cm x L 150 cm x W 110 cm), dedicated to the Virgin Mary, with inlaid decoration (Mangia Technique) and pure gold, with fibre optic lighting inside, equipped with a specially designed security system consisting of a sliding door made of shatterproof armoured glass and an alarm, accompanied by a bronze balustrade (H 192 cm x L 320 cm x W 10 cm) gilded in fine pure gold;

● "TOTEM II": inlaid polychrome work of art (Mangia Technique) - cm 223.5 x123.5. Created for the "100% CALPESTABILE" cultural event at the "Saiedue Living 2004" exhibition in Bologna;

● "GENESIS": inlaid polychrome work of art (Mangia Technique) - 400 x 250 cm. Created for the "VERTICALIA" cultural event at the "Saiedue Living 2005" exhibition in Bologna;

● "EMOTION": inlaid polychrome work of art (Mangia Technique) gilded in pure fine gold (400 x 300 cm). Created for "SKIN", a cultural exhibition in the context of the MadeExpo fair, which took place in the new Milan exhibition centre from the 5th to the 9th of February 2008;

● memorial monument consisting of a bronze half-bust depicting the Chief Superintendent of the State Police, Emanuele Petri (H 72 cm x L 46 cm x W 36 cm); New Police Headquarters, Arezzo;

● commemorative monument consisting of a bronze bas-relief (H 180 cm x L 110 cm x W 15 W); New offices of the Guardia di Finanza, Aosta, named after Giovanni Eliseo Luboz;

● "PERFUMES" - 240 x 360 cm - Inlaid polychrome, gilded in pure gold with bas-reliefs (Mangia Technique);

● "THE MEETING" - sketch for a large inlaid polychrome work (Mangia Technique)

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